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[2017-01-08] Website Updated

The website has been updated with a bit more content and structure. The site will be kept small and relatively simple by design.

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[2017-07-30] [U-Boot][PATCH] arm: omap: Fix 'get_device_type()' for OMAP34XX

I now have the OMAP3 EVM (TMDSEVM3530) development platform. This is an older TI OMAP platform that still exist in some designs. It's software still receives a level of maintenance in Linux and U-Boot. It give me yet another board on which to tinker

As soon as I started working with the board, a small change was needed to get things to at least boot. It became a interesting point of conversation. [PATCH v2]

[2017-08-03] [U-Boot][PATCH] omap3evm: Update board and defconfig files

I took on the small task of verifying that the OMAP3 EVM still boots periodically wtih U-Boot. There were a few things that needed immediate cleanup. [PATCH v2] [PATCH v3]

[2017-08-29] [U-Boot][PATCH] omap3: evm: Fixes for CONFIG_NAND, SPL_OS_BOOT, USB, and environment

More OMAP EVM U-Boot cleanup. There is still a bit of work to get the board fully using the driver model(DM). [PATCH v2] [PATCH v3]

[2017-09-02] [PATCH 0/2] Update TMDSEVM3530 support for omap3-evm

Now that U-Boot is booting the OMAP3 EVM consistently, I turned my attention to the Linux Device Tree for the board. There are two variants of the EVM (TMDSEVM3530 and TMDSEVM3730). Aside from the processor modules, they are identical. A few core pad-to-pin mappings are different, with respect to the hardware debug lines. (i.e. omap3_pmx_core2 [etk_XXX]) The existing device tree, for the OMAP3730, has received a good bit of attention over time. The OMAP3530 was left behind. This is an effort to get the two processor modules working on par with each other. [PATCH v2] [PATCH v3]