Woods Technical Solutions

"Providing Direction for your Embedded Linux Projects"


The resources required to produce an Embedded Linux solution can vary widely depending on the target application, development budget, and software engineering capability of your organization. Using Free and Open Source software often requires a new type of engineering discipline. There may be foreign hardware and software complexities within an embedded Linux platform. Providing engineers with the right information, and development tools, is one of the keys to success. For organizations in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas, Woods Technical Solutions can offer guidance, techniques, and tools to keep your embedded Linux projects on track.

Open Source Training and Consultation

Based on development needs, guide capable software engineering staff towards solutions that will provide the best long-term benefit for a given embedded Linux application.

Board Support Package Development

Upon receiving a clear set of requirements, identify and/or develop an embedded Linux software build environment.

Open Source Code Development

Create open source drivers, proof-of-concept code, and software modules that can serve as functioning examples and/or building blocks for core applications.