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[2018-04-15] Embedded Tinkerer

Over the last few months I had to decouple some things related to tracking and synchronizing. It turns out to be an obstacle to working with many upstream sources. Upstream projects know nothing about what you are doing. They should not have to know the details of your work. My need to fulfill professional duties is seperate from my work with open source. There is intersection from time to time. But they are seperate efforts. Open source development is the "Bazaar" .

The personal embedded sandbox that I have been using for years, was too release based. At work, you care about versions explicitly. This leads to rigid development practices that are correct for professional purposes, but lag far behind upstream components. Upstream sources are almost always ahead of your professional work. When working with upstream projects, code is simply targeted for inclusion in the mainline tree. If your code can make it that far, it is likely that considerable time has expired. So in this context, you are working towards inclusion. The actual release is out of your control. This workflow often requires the inclusion of other software and tools that do not always fit into your professional "Cathedral" .

So I created a small project, on Github, to be a sandbox for working with embedded boards and the low-level software they need. It is intended to be a light wrapper around upstream functionality. I want it to help me be more effective in getting an understanding of open source projects like U-Boot and Linux. Hopefully, it will allow me to make better contributions in the future.

Embedded Tinkerer