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[2016-08-29] [mspdebug] Makefile: Fix Cygwin build

While beginning a project that utilizes a MSP430 processor, I saw a need to use 'mspdebug' from Windows. The 'mspdebug' tool needed a small patch to the build system. I actually use 'tilib' and TI's shared object at runtime. The patch simply allowed the tool to be built under Cygwin. More work is needed to use libusb-1.0.

[2016-05-05] Discuss BeagleBoard Thumb/SPL_EXT build issues

I had been maintaining a patch taken from eewiki and wanted to know if there were some deeper issues.

[2016-05-01] [U-Boot] Worked through MMC Boot issue with OMAP3

Adam Ford discovered and MMC boot issue that required some manual bisecting. The problematic commit was reverted in favor of a better upcomming solution.

[2016-05-01] [U-Boot] Discussion on SPL max image size

As U-Boot development progressed, the omap3_logic sram size became a real build issue.

[2016-03-14] U-Boot: ARM: Various: Future-proof serial platdata

Helped debug and test serial platform data issue.

[2016-02-24] [U-Boot] [PATCH] dm: ns16550: Add support for reg-offset property

Collaborated on ns16550 structure issue that arose during transition to the new driver model in U-Boot.

[2016-02-08] [U-Boot] [PATCH] OMAP3: am3517_evm: SD/MMC boot with uEnv.txt, zImage, and FDT

I updated the AM3517-EVM to a more current and device-tree friendly boot setup

[2016-01-29] OMAP3: Enable SPL on omap3_logic

Adam Ford and I collaborated on updates to the 'omap3_logic' board file by Logic PD. The work would allow booting via the SPL infrastructure already used by similiar OMAP3 boards.